Capt. Alok Prabhat


Capt. Alok Prabhat

Director – Global Operations

Senior Master Marine, Capt. Alok Prabhat has over 35 years of International experience in Shipping, Energy Projects , Mining, Oil and Gas sectors. He is recognized for good international contacts & sound decision making with capability of completing complex projects, globally. He has a special interest in Renewable Energy , New Technologies and Developing Pilot Projects to Commercial Ventures.

Started Shipping career in 1975 -1984 and worked his way up to Master (Shipping). From1987 to 1994 served as Master (Captain) with UGLANDS Shipping Company (U.K) and Bergshav AS, Grimstad (Norway). He was also-in charge/associated with six major ship building, / repair activities in – Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Spain ,Yugoslavia, and Japan.

From 2000 to 2008 was Managing Director,in Mitasu Group UAE and, representing Fahlke Control Systems, Germany / European companies in the Middle East, North Africa and India for supply and setting up of Modular Power Plants/projects and Control Systems to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries . Assisted FCS Group , Germany & Norind Group India with setting up MSW to Energy RE Projects and Convention Power projects in Europe ,Middle East and Indonesia.

2008-Present: Associated as senior Management in India and the UAE for setting up of 600 MW thermal Power Plant/100 MW Gas Power Plant / Developing 20 MW Plant Modular Plants/ Trading in Petroleum Products/Associated with implementation of Mass Low cost and Affordable Housing Projects.