Dr. Atul Gadagkar


Dr. Atul Gadagkar

CVO & Director Global Strategy

Dr. Atul Gadagkar is a third generation medical doctor having practiced in a multi-surgical specialty in India for more than 8 years and through all generations contributed to betterment of healthcare and education in rural parts of India.

He has also worked in the NHS, UK for more than 7 years along with various other healthcare management set ups, having gained business experience globally spread across Middle East, Africa, European Union, USA, South America, South-East Asia and Pacific regions.

He has been a visionary, entrepreneur in the fields of personalised and integrative medicine, digital healthcare solutions, stem cell and genetic science and rural education in India; and is currently working as a Chief Visionary Officer- Global Strategy at NCORD eHealthSystem in order to drive its vision and mission of empowering each individual and each healthcare stakeholder to enhance the healthcare outcome at a global level.