Jayant Khandhare


Jayant Khandhare

Ph.D. in Chem. Eng. from National Chem. Lab., Pune, India.

Jayant Khandare received Ph.D. in Chem. Eng. from National Chem. Lab., Pune, India.

His research interests are at the interface of macromolecular chemistry, targeted drug delivery, 3D cancer cell scaffolds, and 3D surfaces. He was a senior research scientist, heading Polymer Chemistry Grp., in Drug Discovery Company- Piramal Healthcare Ltd India and has published 45 research papers.

During Alexander Von Humboldt experienced researcher at Freie University, Berlin, Germany, he worked on nano-imaging of near infra-red-polyglycerol-dendrimer probes for cancer and inflammation imaging.

His recent research on multicomponent nanosystem for capturing ‘Circulating Tumor cells (CTCs)’ has been published in Adv. Healthcare Mat. 2013 as a cover page, inside (Nature India Research Highlight). While, he published his work in ‘Small’ 2012 on enhancing surface interactions with colon cancer cells using transferrin-conjugated 3D nanostructured substrates. Jayant Khandare published a Critical Review in Chem. Society Review, 2012, titled as ‘Multifunctional dendritic polymers in therapeutics: opportunities and challenges’. His work on cellular imaging was highlighted as a Editorial choice of month cover in ‘Nanotechnology’ 2012 (Editors/Publishers Pick for Sept 2012) (Research Highlight by Nature India).

Dr. Khandare has filed 11 US/PCT patent applications. His PCT patent application on creating in vitro 3D cancer scaffolds of 2 mm size correlates in vivo- as a drug discovery tool.

He regularly writes science blogs for ‘Human Touch of Chemistry’ and has been part of outreach events for Royal Society of Chemistry, West India. He has published 2 books on popularization of science.

His research based start-up, Actorius Innovations and Research (AIR) is involved in designing multicomponents for cancer diagnostics. He is also a founder of Right to Research Foundation, a non- profit researcher’s entity in Pune.