Mr. Francesco Ciccone


Mr. Francesco Ciccone

Program Director, New York RxCard

Mr. Francesco Ciccone, Program Director, New York RxCard, is a highly qualified sales executive offering more than 13 years of sales management and team building expertise. He is a result focussed effective leader with proven abilities to proactively identify and resolve problems. His specialities include – reversing negative sales trends, expanding market share, maximising productivity and increase profits.

Mr. Ciccone is the owner of the very successful CKRX Enterprise having its presence in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The CKRX enterprise deals in the Mass Marketing of prescription discount program throughout the United States to health care carriers, associations, municipalities, large employers, Chambers of Commerce, Universities, Federal and State Governments, School Systems and more. In the past he has been associated with the following

United Networks of America (UNA) – Baton Rouge, LA
Executive Vice President (October 2005 – May 2011)

Mr. Ciccone was in-charge of network development, marketing and national sales force. As an EVP, he became the largest providers of value added discount products and services in the United States. They grew to more than 240,000 Participating Providers serving more than 40 million members nationwide.
Aflac – Baton Rouge, LA
District Sales Coordinator (January 2002 – September 2005)
Sales Associate (September 2001-December 2001)

Mr. Ciccone was initially recruited to increase sales in a stagnant market. The first quarter of sales outperformed the previous three. Being the District Sales Coordinator he had the dual role of recruiting and training sales associates and partnered with Insurance brokers to turnaround a history of declining sales.
Royal Nissan/Suzuki
Finance Manager (August 2000 – September 2001)
Mr. Ciccone was responsible for financial profits, extended service policies & disability products.
Team Toyota
Finance Manager (July 1997 – August 2000)
Coleman Toyota
Finance Manager (February 1993 – June 1997)
Sales Associate (January 1990 – February 1993)