Mr. Prakash Loharkar


Mr. Prakash Loharkar

Managing Director

Mr. Prakash Loharkar is an exemplary professional and a multi-sectoral entrepreneur, with over 50 years of experience in medical and allied sectors.

He is presently the Chairman for Bhudhan Fundamental Green Energy Pvt. Ltd., a waste management company. He has brought revolutionary changes in the field of waste management. He is also a Director in many other organisations. Throughout his career, he was an advisor and a mentor for multiple pharmaceutical companies across India. He has owned and driven several businesses in diverse sectors like medical and manufacturing.

He was also actively involved in politics and social work. As a President of Giants International and a member of several NGOs, he undertook numerous charitable and corporate social responsible initiatives. He is a recipient of many awards for his charitable activities. He is a driven individual and actively supports social causes.

He is a people’s man and has a well-built reputation. He possesses a flair to befriend members of aristocracy and high position.