Mr.Neelesh kanade


Mr. Neelesh Kanade

Founder & Chairman

Mr. Neelesh Kanade, Founder & Chairman, eHealthSystem, is a visionary entrepreneur who built his career from modest beginnings. Through effective business planning, creative techniques, innovative ideas and in-depth knowledge of a diverse business environment, he succeeded in leading the company globally.

Mr. Kanade’s articulated vision encompasses personalized health care for individual needs ensuring the highest standards of quality while maintaining affordability. He endeavors to strengthen the base of health care services by bridging the gap between the latest global research innovations, health data and clinical applications. His personal mission is to improve the health of an individual by fostering an environment and “doorstep” services through personalized health care. He is committed to generating value for society in fundamental and advanced arts, science and technology.

Mr. Kanade’s business interests include a mining company in Suriname specializing in gold, copper and iron ore and BFG Energy Pvt. Ltd. which specializes in water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and dredging sediments from rivers and lakes. Mr. Kanade has an added distinction of being the first in the state of Maharashtra to venture into Municipal Solid Waste Management.